Thursday, October 6, 2011


MOUSE JI, named after the designer’s Chinese zodiac sign and surname, is the brainchild of Chinese designer Ji Pensheng - a man who combines Chinese culture with the demands and tastes of the Western world resulting in a philosophy that is more haute couture than a luxury brand.

Since its inception, MOUSE JI has always strived to integrate Chinese characteristics in a plain and natural way that makes it ideal for everyday use.

MOUSE JI highlights the beauty of the black-and-grey aesthetic and sense of texture, and their new season jackets and coats are no exception. Desgined to drape, fold and hang on you in all the right places, they are must-haves for those who want to keep the looming icy temperatures at bay whilst still keeping at the forefront of this season's trends. 
MOUSE JI Jersey Striped Tunic. $178.

MOUSE JI Long Button Down Coat. $336.

MOUSE JI Long Down Coat. $424.

MOUSE JI Mid Length Coat. $236.

Stop by the store to get a better look and try one on!


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