Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Editions: Concrete Polish

Arcadia proudly presents a new edition to our fabulous jewelry selection: Concrete Polish.

Concrete Polish is the creation of local Philadelphia designer, Angela Monaco. Her signature pieces include elements of nature, like crystals, animals, and botanical forms. Her latest line of jewelry titled Mineral Massacre, is inspired by actual raw crystal growth, creating a rough & refined line with a feminine touch. Her stylized designs are individually hand-crafted and not produced overseas. In fact, they are created just around the corner in her studio in Northern Liberties!

Take a peak... 

Pineapple Cluster Ring in Bronze (center)

Split Crystal Ring in Rose Bronze (Center)

Chain Link Ring in Black Bronze; Split Crystal Ring in Rose Bronze; Pineapple Cluster Ring in Bronze; Three Crystal Stud Ring in Yellow Plated Bronze; Leaf Ring in Rose Bronze. (Left to Right)

Tourmaline Necklace in Yellow Bronze
Serpent Bangle

Tier 1 Fox Ring in Silver with Emerald Eyes

I am absolutely head over heels in love with these new pieces!
Stop by and let us know what you think!

Friday, April 29, 2011

E- WASTE RECYCLING in Northern Liberties

Bring your old computers, TVs, printers, cell phones, copiers - pretty much anything electronic - and get it responsibly recycled, at the NL Community Center, 3rd & Fairmount, Saturday, April 30, 10AM-2PM.
A fee of 25 cents per pound covers the cost of responsible disposal.

Here is a list of items we can collect:
ALL small appliances
Desktop computers
Notebook computers
Hard drives
Laser jet printers, Inkjet printers
Paper trays
Keyboards, Mice
Power supplies, Cables
Computer speakers
External drives, etc.
Copiers, Scanners
Fax machines, Typewriters
TV’s and monitors
VCRs, DVD’s, CDs
ALL Audio and video Equipment
Cell phones, Digital phones
iPhones, Blackberry’s, etc
Telephones, Answering machines. Telephone headsets
Video tapes, Audio tapes
Thumb, flash, zip drives
Data back-up systems
Routers, Modems
All miscellaneous computer parts – motherboards, video cards, etc
CFL lightbulbs

Organized by the NLNA Clean & Green Team – Keeping our neighborhood Clean, Green & Fun.

This is a great way to responsibly take care off all your old, unwanted and not used electronics!

Meet Ali :)

Ali and Finn :)
Name? Ali McCloud 
Neighborhood in which you reside? Narberth

Favorite Philly restaurant? I love James, Village Whiskey, The Abbaye and Café Estelle for brunch
Most memorable fashion faux pas? Leaving my house at least 3 times last year with baby food finger prints on my back.
Favorite line at Arcadia and why? This is tough – I love everything we pick for the shop. My newest favorite is Rodebjer – I just love their timeless, classy approach to current trends. Feral Childe & Kelly Lane are always at the top of my list for their great fit and original prints.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Coffee & whatever the plain yogurt is at Yogorino
Favorite YouTube clip? I have to say I don’t really watch YouTube much – does this mean I’m really old?
Favorite artist? Oh so many I love…well, I love all the artists we’ve shown at Arcadia – we’ve had some amazing work from local artists like Margaux & Walter Kent, Katherine Fraser, Zachariah Ohora, Leah MacDonald, Gretchen Diehl and more! Others that are coming to mind, Lauren Lyons, Joseph Walsh, Kris Lewis, Elbow-Toe, and I’ve always loved Maxfield Parish. Yes, my taste in art is all over the map!
Guilty pleasure? Insanely good French Fries, lazy mornings on my front porch with too much coffee
Favorite way to spend your days off from Arcadia? Hanging out with my son, Finn! And, my hubby & 2 super cute bulldogs can hang out with us too!
Favorite beer? I’m kind of a bourbon or dark rum girl these days, but I love IPA’s, a Sapporo with sushi, and Rodenbach has always been a favorite.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunday Fun-Day

I heard this weekend is supposed to be beautiful... 70 degrees and sunny.  If you don't have plans yet, I suggest taking a trip to the Main Line and visiting Clover Market. I love a good flea market. Vintage goods, antiques, original artwork,  recycled and repurposed items, and of course yummy food vendors!

Clover Market is located at 12 E. Lancaster Ave. Ardmore PA 19003
Check out their blog for more info


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maxed Out

Loving these long & lean jumpsuits and maxis by Feral Childe, She Bible, Daughters of the Revolution, and Stewart and Brown. Check them out at both locations...


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts

Wow, it is pretty hot outside here in Philly. Not that I am complaining! I have been waiting for this weather for months. The best thing about hot days is that they turn into perfectly warm nights. So you must be looking for something to do to enjoy what should be a lovely night. Well, let me suggest the Philadelphia International Festival of Arts taking place at the Kimmel Center and the Avenue of the Arts. I am very upset with myself for not checking out PIFA yet seeing that it has been running since the 7th. But, luckily for me (and YOU), there are still 5 days left of the festivities.

This year's theme is: The City of Brotherly Love welcomes the City of Lights.
What's more romantic than a Parisian influence?
A newly-constructed 81-foot high replica of the Eiffel Tower in the Kimmel Center lobby is lit twice every night of the festival!
The festival boasts of a vast array of art exhibits, dance performances, and concerts by both local and international artists. Not to mention my favorite part, the food. The list of events and activities (many which are free!) is incredible. Check out the website to learn more about the artists of every discipline that will be there, and a schedule of events & locations:

I can't wait to go tonight. Come say hi...I'll be the one with the crepe ;)

-natasha :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bullet Insects

I really resonated with Tom Hardwidge’s Arthrobots (robotic insects) made from bullets, nuts, and bolts.  Its a really great way to reuse old unused hardware and make them into one-of-a-kind works of art.  These steam punk inspired insects are playful and eco-friendly!

All images via


Saturday, April 23, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

She Bible Curator Zoey Dress, Big Buddha Sara Bag, Lua Chea Necklace

Lua Chea Necklace

Feral Childe Gaetano Jumpsuit, Collina Strade Alea Trio Bag, Rodebjer Wedges, Helveta Vyotlag Earrings
Collina Strada Alea Trio Bag
She Bible Curator Bridget Jumper, Kim White Hands Belt, Canoe Crafts Fringe Cap Earrings, Melissa Patchuli Wedges

Canoe Crafts Fringe Cap Earrings and Kim White Hands Belt
BB Dakota Brandy Top, BB Dakota Alexandra Pants, Canoe Crafts Fringe Necklace, Collina Strada Moto Bag, Rodebjer Manta Sandal

Canoe Crafts Fringe Necklace, Collina Strada Moto Bag, BB Dakota Brandy Top- Back
Popomomo Triangle Print Swing Tank, Vintage Shorts, Alternative Apparel Townshend Bag, Canoe Crafts Lapis Feather Necklace
Alternative Apparel Townshend Bag & Swedish Hasbeens Braided Sky High
These are just a few of the new spring and summer items that I'm obsessing over. 
Visit us and see what you'll fall in love with! We have everything to start your spring and summer off on the right foot!


psssssss... my birthday is May 17th ;) ;)


We can't wait to see you!

Friday, April 22, 2011

What is EARTH DAY?

Today is a pretty special day for us here at Arcadia. Earth Day. A day set out for all to truly appreciate the beautiful environment that we are able to enjoy and to inspire awareness of environmental health. Out of curiosity I wanted to know how Earth Day originated. After some poking around on the internet I found that it was created by Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin senator in the late 60's. He pushed an entire campaign to begin teaching the US about the effect of their lifestyles on the environment (something most new little about at the time.) It was a great success. After Earth Day was established numerous policies addressing pollution and other detriments were drafted. Also, the number and size of many non-profits and organizations focused on environmental issues grew exponentially! So, thank you Senator Nelson!

Fairmount Park along the Schuylkill River, Photo by R. Kennedy for GPTMC
Make sure to celebrate Earth Day! There's plenty of events, activities, and volunteer efforts to participate in and around Philadelphia. If nothing else, spend some time out in one of our beautiful parks...take the kids out, walk your pup! It's actually a pretty nice day !

Sahara Lengthened Skirt
Stewart + Brown

Here at Arcadia we are celebrating with you by offering  15% off all clothing and shoes.
Check out all of our eco-friendly lines at both Rittenhouse and Northern Liberties locations.
Wearing sustainable fashion is a fabulous way to support the environment! 
See you soon !
 EARTH DAY Sale also Available Online
 Shop online today to enjoy 15% off all clothing & shoes!
Enter promo code Earth Day
Valid 4/22/11

-natasha :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cookie the Penguin

I just can't get enough of how cute this little guy is! Just wait till he starts giggling. 


Earth Day @ Arcadia!

Earth Day would not be complete with out a visit to Philadelphia's leading Eco-Boutique. Visit me Friday at our Rittenhouse location and I can help you pick out a new Eco-conscious addition to your spring wardrobe!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Daily Dose

Take a peek into the magical miniature world of paper rolls created by Anastassia Elias. Rather than recycling the paper rolls you go through, why not save them and try out your skills in creating your own magical mini world! If that doesn't sound too appealing, just take a minute to appreciate Elias' work and her amazing talent in creating such delicate designs. Love the wilderness scene below!