Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soham Dave at Arcadia

Just in at Arcadia - soothing Soham Dave apparel and accessories.  Soham Dave is a New York based brand but everything is produced in India in local villages and with environmental consciousness in mind.

The name “Soham” is a combination of complete consciousness and creative energy in Sanskrit, and the recital of the name “Soham” in Sanskrit, a historical Indo-Aryan language and the primary liturgical language of Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, is one of the most powerful universal mantras of meditation. This mantra is unconsciously repeated each time one takes a breath–inhaling "So", and exhaling "ham". It translates to "I am that"–suggesting the possibilities beyond the limitations of mind and body, at being at one with the absolute.

Soham Dave created his clothing line, followed by an impressive handbag collection and line of handmade jewelry, with these principles of meditation, spirituality, and creative energy in mind. Soham Dave has established a reputation as an eco-friendly lifestyle brand in New York City, fusing the old and the new, classic and contemporary, and ancient organic and urban lifestyles.

Soham Dave was born in India in 1979 in the small town of Gujarat, India, to an extensive family. His passion for creative fashion design was apparent at an early age when he would stand for hours and observe his family tailors while they worked to create unique garments.

Although Soham eventually pursued his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, design and aesthetics continued to fascinate him. In 2005, he attended the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in India, sharpening his understanding of garment production and design. He found his niche in combining fashion and craft working at SEWA TFC, a company working with marginalized artisans. There, he explored traditional Indian skills including hand embroidery, hand block printing and hand weaving, and creatively applied them to creating contemporary silhouettes. His in-depth understanding of garment construction and use of different textiles allowed him to create trendy, wearable designs without losing the essence of the original inspiration.

Eventually, he moved to New York to complete his master’s degree in Global Fashion Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

His efforts of finding harmony between the old and new, the urban silhouettes and eco- friendly processes has earned him a unique reputation in the global fashion industry. Soham Dave combines the dual roles of environmentalist and social entrepreneur by promoting local artisans, using traditional eco- friendly production techniques, and fair trade to offer a contemporary range of lifestyle products for the conscious urban consumer. His close connection to artisans inspires him to be eco- conscious in his designs, focusing on biodegradable fabrics, recycled materials, and hand- crafted items.
On a continual quest to apply his technical and aesthetic sense to newer dimensions of fashion, Soham Dave designs garments that feel contemporary, yet are rooted in tradition.
And there's more in stores!

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