Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shop Vintage and Recycled Clothing

As you all know, Arcadia is an eco-friendly and sustainable boutique. In keeping with this mission we stock vintage and recycled clothing. These items round out our assortment in a fun and affordable way! There is nothing better than finding a one of a kind gem from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s (I am loving 90s style right now!)

When I am not working at Arcadia I run a vintage shop on Etsy, Bull & Barter. I bring a handful of vintage pieces to Arcadia about twice a month. All items are stocked in the back of our shop at the Northern Liberties location.

Be sure to stop in and pick up a floral romper, maxi dress, highwaisted trouser, leather jacket or a hot pair of shoes. We promise you won't leave empty handed!

To shop my vintage finds online visit


Saturday, July 30, 2011

5 Fun Stories of Sustainability and Enviromental Consciousness

Over the last 10 years sustainability has become a focus of the future in the realm of design. It  presses beyond being just efficient, attractive, on time and on budget. It is a field that cares about how such goals are achieved, about its effect on people and on the environment. In a way it is the next step in our evolutionary process. Society is now leaping past survival of the fittest to a world in which cooperative efforts will better the lives of people and cultures around the globe. While sustainable design is pushing boundaries, making society think outside of the box, and bringing nations around the globe together in efforts of conservation and compassion, it still has a long road ahead of it.

Questions that press sustainable designers now are: How can we implement sustainable design? What sort of influence does sustainable design have over sustainable consumption? How can we motivate those who just don't care? The best we can do for now is spread the knowledge we've learned and hope that those who don't care will come around eventually.

One of my favorite fields in the multifaceted world of sustainable design is, of course, fashion. Today I am  introducing 5 people or ideas that I believe are important players in this developing movement...

The Ethical Fashion Forum recently published a special issue titled: Fashion and Textile Strategies for Sustainable Design and Consumption. In this issue they are asking for papers concerning the sustainable design movement. Kirsi Niinimaki of Aalto University is the guest editor of this issue. She explains some of the shortcomings in the realm of sustainable fashion: "The environmental and ethical issues in the textile and clothing industry are complex, and traditionally they have been seen through a very limited lens. The focus has mainly been on eco-materials or ethical manufacturing principles." Kirsi is part of the cooperative effort to bridge the current knowledge and practices concerning sustainable fashion and textile design to contemporary consumption patterns. "The focus is in a multidisciplinary approach of research fields such as new sustainable design strategies, system thinking, new eco-materials, green economic systems, Product Service System thinking PSS and Sustainable Consumption Production approach SCP." To learn more about this project visit: CfP: Research Journal of Textile and Apparel

2)Popomomo, a brand carried here in Arcadia, stands for post-postmodern movement, creating intellectually sexy pieces that never play catch up. Popomomo draws inspiration from the world around us. They believe sustainability is an important function and purpose of design. All of their pieces are designed and made of sustainable fabrics in Los Angeles.

Okala is a Hopi Indian word that translates into enviro-speak as “life sustaining energy.” IDSA sites Oren Lyons, Faith keeper of the Onondaga, as saying, “What you people call your natural resources our people call our relatives.” Hopi Indians, a people dating back 5,000 to 10,000 years to the Aztecs of Mexico, have developed a sustainable lifestyle and harmony with Nature that have allowed them to survive in peace in the arid and harsh environment of Northern Arizona. The Okala Ecological Design course attempts to stimulate ecodesign ideas and products whose sustainability can be quantifiably verified. One of the major tools that they use to verify sustainability in designs and products is the U.S. EPA’s Tool for the Reduction and Assessment of Chemical and other environmental Impacts (TRACI) to measure the environmental impact for Sustainability Metrics, Life Cycle Assessment, Industrial Ecology, Process Design, and Pollution Prevention.
The Okala Ecological Design course examines and explores intelligent and sustainable eco-design from a broad and comprehensive set of perspectives including historical, environmental, scientific, engineering, aesthetics, social, economic, cultural, health and mystical/religious. Hopefully, courses such as this will become more common and perhaps even required in all high schools and universities.

Who here loves TED? I know I do! Check out this inpiring video of designer Jessi Arrington that focuses on conscious consumption!!

Here at Arcadia, we are proud to support Daughters of the Revolution. Launched by Emily Cadenhead in 2007, Daughters of the Revolution is a family business committed to sustainable design. The team works on a micro-level carefully selecting ethically and environmentally responsible techniques for their garments. Not only do they use a combination of organic clothes, natural fibers, and silks, but also much of their sequines and beadworks are made of recycled materials. They set a powerful example for those designers who wish to become sustainable fashion brands, and on top of that, they have really cute stuff!!

Sustainable designers and players, we salute you. Keep doing your best to bring awareness to this pressing matter.


Early Fall Arrivals

We've started to get some of our fall merchandise, and we are jumping for joy to wear sleeves again soon!  Check out what's new in store and be sure to stop by before its all snatched up!

Heather Stripe Zip Cardi with Dolam Sleeves $168

DV by Dolce Vita Paloma Bootie $108

DV by Dolce Vita Remy Blouse $78

DV by Dolce Vita Sacha Blouse $88

Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodie in Pea Soup $196

BB Dakota Audry Dress $94

BB Dakota Erin Blouse $69
Greylin Kaiser Blouse $88

Greylin Portia Blouse $98

Swedish Hasbeens Perforated Zipper Boot $389


Friday, July 29, 2011

Wood Thumb -- Eco-Friendly Ties!

I am obsessed with Wood Thumb, a start up by David and Christopher Steinrueck of San Francisco. They make the coolest wood ties from reclaimed wood.

Their motto:

"With a little creativity and inspiration, waste materials can be converted into useable products."
Totally awesome and adorable products at that!

Check out Wood Thumb's site! For the guy in your life or for a unique eco-friendly addition to your closet!

Let us now what you think!


Vacation Getaways...

Summer is winding down, but the weather only seems to be getting warmer (odd, we know).  How about hitting up one of these destinations for a vacation?  They're known as the World's Weirdest Hotels, but they look like a nice depature from the humid heat in the city!

Can Sleep, Lake Skanderborg, Denmark

Each beer can has a sleeping loft, a skylight "lid" that actually opens, and a fully stocked mini bar

Elephant Safari Park Hotel Lodge, Bali

Prett much located in the middle of an elephant community, this hotel doesn't escort guests to thier rooms on golf carts.  Elephants trasnsport you and your luggage to your room.

Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, Canada

These pods are suspended 10 - 15 feet above the ground, and sway with the wind smoothly.  Don't worry about being too landlocked - they've got a place to dock your iPod!

images via

Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

These semi-underground igloos are definetly colder than Bermuda, but have an the most beautiful nighttime view. 

Hotel Utter Inn, Sweden

For the water-enthusiast, try staying in this sumbmerged cabin.  Sleep underwater, and chill on the deck all day long!

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm

Environmental conscious is an understatment for this hotel.  Made from a retired Boeing 747 airplane, this hotel is perfect for those scared of heights.

La Villa Hamster, Nantes, France

A life-sized hamster cage, with a working hamster wheel!

Les Roulottes de la Serve, Provence, France

Live like a Gypsy for a week.  Share utilities with your neighbors and make new friends

Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

This Bolivian hotel is made entirely of salt from floor to ceiling (except the fluffy blankets and pillows)


Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Heart Sustainable Shoes

Have you guys seen our new fall shipment of Melissa shoes? We received them only 2 weeks ago and they are already flying off the shelves! We all know these shoes are cute, but did you know they are also sustainable? Melissa shoes are made of 100% recyclable plastic by Grendene, a socially and environmentally responsible company in Brazil. These shoes are comfortable, durable and waterproof- a unique blend of form and function.

Check out these pictures from her 2012 Spring Summer Collection where Melissa USA teams up with American designer Jason Wu.  We can't wait to get our hands on these!

Be sure to stop into either location and snag a pair for Fall!

Yarn Bomb (the sequel)

A few months ago I shared some images of a European artist who filled potholes all over Paris with yarn creations.  Check out that post here.

Here are more fabulous yarn and crochet bomb works of art from all over the world.  My fav?  The army tank covered in pink patchwork! (but i also love the Missoni - inspired smart car!)

images via