Monday, July 11, 2011

Inspiring individuals of the ecofashion world!

Introducing...Kelly Drennan

Kelly founded Fashion Takes Action in 2007. FTA is a social enterprise that focuses on empowering the fashion industry by providing the tools and resources necessary to become sustainable. Kelly has been working for the past eight years as a fashion and lifestyle publicist, but still finds time to be supportive of the green movement, even while raising two kids. She explains, "We all wear clothes. And if we can each change our shopping behavior - even just in terms of being mindful of the materials used, who makes our clothing, and where, then collectively we can really make a difference." To learn more about Kelly visit: or you can follow her on Twitter @ecofashionista.

Suzanne Lee is a london-based senior research fellow in the school of Fashion / Textiles, central saint martins, London. In her spare time, Lee is also the creative director of  biocouture which investigates the growth of the clothing through the use of bacterial cellulose.

Lee's latest garment is the 'biocouture' jacket made from cellulose. Instead of coming from plants, the cellulose is produced by millions of tiny bacteria grown in bathtubs of sweet green tea.

To learn more about Lee's process click here : Suzanne Lee: Grow your own clothes


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