Friday, May 27, 2011

Celebrate the Holiday Weekend with Arcadia!

Shop in store Saturday & Sunday- 
We're closed Monday for the holiday!

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Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rittenhouse Row Spring Fashion Show

Did you miss us at the Rittenhouse Row Spring Fashion Show? No worries, check out the stunning photos by Jeff Cohn!

Curator by She Bible- Sunny Romper

Curator by She Bible- Sunny Romper

Penguin- Short Sleeve Button Down in Black Iris; Penguin- The Bing (under shirt)

Penguin- Short Sleeve Button Down in Black Iris; Penguin- The Bing (under shirt)

Lauren Moffatt- Day At The Musee Snap Dress

Lauren Moffatt- Day At The Musee Snap Dress

She Bible- Bridget Jumper

Ferale Child- Gaetano Jumpsuit

Skunk Funk- Goiatz Dress

Margarita Saplala- Paradise Dress

Jane Oh- Silk Bubble Dress

Skunk Funk- Bilitu Jacket; Kill City- Chimayo Tee

PreLoved- Besra Dress

Shop all of these looks online & in store!

Photo credit: Jeff Cohn of

Monday, May 23, 2011

Seedbom: throw it, grow it

I came across an awesome eco-friendly company earlier today called Seedbom! 
For all of you lucky enough to have a backyard and some soil on your property be sure to read on!

"Seedboms are handmade in the UK from locally reclaimed and recycled materials such as post consumer paper and used egg boxes. They also contain organic peat free compost, organic fertiliser and a selection of easy to grow flower seeds. Seedboms break down over time and biodegrade into the environment leaving only flowers behind." 


Pretty in Hawaii

Our Jane Oh dresses are perfect summer wedding attire. One of our cutest customer's purchased the silk Audrey dress in white to elope in Hawaii! This is one of our favorite story's to tell at the shop. These beautiful pictures speak for themselves...

And meet her new puppy Mochi!

Be sure to stop in and check out the purple bubble dress and white silk audrey dress. Two stunners for summer!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Interview: Chris McCloud of Design-6

Have you ever wondered what made the interiors of both of our locations so unique and interesting? Well, the answer is Design-6. Meet Chris McCloud of Design-6- the interior designer of Arcadia!

Combining form and function is critical part of design, no doubt your construction experience played a definitive role in your ability to effectively combine the two- How has your prior experience of working with home construction influenced your interior design aesthetic?
Actually, the combination of Form & Function is what I often tell clients is my greatest strength as a designer and SO important! My background in construction is a key component to design for me. I’ve been on so many jobs where an amazing design has not been properly executed because the installation process was not taken into consideration. With each unique design idea I come up with, I also come up with steps of how I think it can be built - to see design through the eyes of the construction process. Also, one of the biggest challenges in any project is managing the relationships between designers, architects, contractors, vendors and the client. I have worked for vendors, in construction, and now as an interior designer so I can relate to each step of the process. I think it helps me get the most out of the contractors and vendors I work with – since I can see projects for all angles.

What were some challenges you faced while designing the interior of Arcadia while still trying to stay true to your mission to incorporate nature, eco-friendly, and socially responsible elements?
In a word – Budget! As a very small start up business, Arcadia wanted to be as sustainable and green as possible but had a tiny budget. Especially 4 years ago when we designed the first Arcadia store – these things did not go hand in hand. I struggled with this in the beginning, but now with Arcadia and all of my clients I have found ways to design green & affordable. I went back to the basics and used reclaimed, found, and vintage materials that are less expensive and add a lot of character to the design. For example, Arcadia wanted to incorporate elements from nature and live edge wood built ins and shelving. This can be very expensive to buy, but we literally took fallen trees from a farm, had the wood cut for us, and built the shelves ourselves. We took old oil tanks and used them as the base for tables, and in the new Rittenhouse shop we made shelves out of wood from an old barn in Chester County. They are unique and look beautiful!

Besides the drive to utilize elements from nature and eco-friendly materials, what else influences your aesthetic or use of materials?
I’ve always been influenced by the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements. I love how nature can be manipulated and how you can see the construction of materials in the furniture and design elements. These are also timeless styles that have stood the test of time as other interior design trends have come in and out of fashion. When I first started Design 6 I had just traveled a bit through Europe and was very inspired by sites such as the Paris Metro and the home of Victor Horta in Belgium, and inspired locally by the furniture of Wharton Esherick.

I love your use of raw wood with the bark still showing. It makes the most beautiful shelving. What are some your favorite materials to use? 
I love using all species of wood, stone concrete and metal. I also love fabric selection and finding artistic textiles. It is amazing what a truly beautiful fabric on a pillow or window seat can add to a room.

We frequently receive compliments on our extremely unique decor. One my favorite pieces is the two tables in our Northern Liberties store that combine scrap steel, found hardware and finished with a solid wood slab top. They are an interesting, and functional combination of nature and the recycled. What is one of your favorite elements or pieces in the Northern Liberties store? Of our Rittenhouse store? 
I would have to say those tables you mention are definitely a favorite as well as the built in shelves Arcadia uses for denim in the Nolibs store. I had a really difficult time explaining to Ali just how I wanted those shelves to look. I kept saying, picture a tree being pulled apart with the shelves in the center. I think keeping the bark on either ends really brought the vision I had to life.

Do you have any upcoming plans for more renovations for our Rittenhouse location?
No big construction plans at the moment. The Rittenhouse space has been a bit of a challenge for me because it is small and had a lot of the retail fixtures already in place. I am mainly trying to continue to think of ways to take the retail elements already in place and add the Arcadia aesthetic to them. I do like collaborating with the amazing and talented staff at both Arcadia locations and need to come up with creative ideas to draw customers to the 2nd floor retail space in Rittenhouse.
In comparison to designing residential interiors, how was your experience with a retail interior? 
Designing a retail space, is about controlling the way people flow through the space with a hunger to shop and to let the design serve as a backdrop for and a compliment to the merchandise that is for sale. Residential design for me, is very different. It is about making the space itself look terrific and reflect the style of the home owner, while also designing a space that is comfortable for their daily lifestyle. Both are a fun challenge for me.

Do you have any projects in the near future or one that you are currently working on that you are especially excited about? 

I am working on a beach house now, and I love the way it is coming out. It has been an fun project because the client wants the design to work in a seaside setting without a literal nautical or beach theme. They also want the home to be functional for adults and children without sacrificing style. This is always an exciting challenge!

For more information about Design-6, visit their website:

Design 6 is a contemporary design firm focused on offering fresh interior design concepts with an emphasis on sustainable and socially responsible products. We specialize in residential and small commercial interiors and furniture design. Projects range from the eco-chic design concept for Philadelphia’s eco-fashion boutique to a small, rustic cottage in a woodland setting. DESIGN 6 offers a modern perspective while drawing inspiration from past movements such as Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts. By incorporating elements from nature into our designs we can infuse an organic sensibility into our projects.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What to do this weekend...

We know it's only Wednesday, but there is no harm in dreaming of the weekend!
The good news- there are huge events happening in both of our neighborhoods!

In Rittenhouse:

One of Philadelphia’s most anticipated festivals of the year, the annual Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival is back, and packed with more fun, fashion and food this year, attracting thousands of people from across the region, on Saturday May 21 from 12-5PM – rain or shine. On each corner, you can enjoy caf├ęs and restaurants offering al fresco dining, entertainment and live music. Plus, guests will be treated to a fashion show, food & cocktail demonstrations, a wine tasting with the opportunity to purchase your favorites, beer sampling, and a glimpse of the all-new Infiniti vehicles. Be sure to experience it all!

Be sure to visit the Arcadia gals in the park as well as in store!
In the park we will have a booth set up with mens & women's clothing as well as accessories.
At the store we will be having a sidewalk sale- featuring all of our fabulous sale merchandise!

For more information visit:

In Northern Liberties/Fishtown:

The 6th Annual Trenton Avenue Arts Festival will take place Saturday May 21st 2011 from 12pm – 5pm. Once again the dedicated volunteers of the East Kensington Neighbors Association will be organizing the fabulous festival as they have each year. Last year the festival attracted 8000+ attendees to 150+ booths of local arts vendors selling their handmade creations, arts organizations featuring participatory activities, and non-profit / civic organizations promoting their wonderful activities. There will be live music as well as many local food vendors serving their delicious treats. The Trenton Avenue Arts Festival (TAAF) celebrates East Kensington's incredible mix of local artists, musicians, and eateries. The TAAF raises funds for wonderful neighborhood projects and revitalization. The festival is held on Trenton Avenue, a wide-open cobblestone street that has been part of Kensington’s rich creative history for over ahundred years. By hosting the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival, EKNA is continuing that tradition.

For more information visit:

No matter where you find yourself this Saturday, make sure to swing by Arcadia at either of our locations!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Green Living

Some new and interesting approaches to green living, living in small spaces, and reducing your impact on the environment!

First, Dr Mike Page from the University of Hertfordshirt takes you on a tour of the Cube, a 3x3x3m eco-home in which one person can live with a minimum impact on the environment. Watch the video on Vimeo- HERE!

Second, A 24 square meter (258 square feet) apartment looks like an empty cube. To use a piece of furniture, he has to build it. Located in Barcelona's hip Born district, the tiny apartment is a remodeled pigeon loft. Its design was inspired by the space-saving furniture aboard boats, as well as the clean lines of a small Japanese home.



We have welcomed a new designer to the boutique this week: JADEtribe! These bags are truly special. The only thing cooler than the items themselves is the story behind them. I was so taken by the concept of her company that I had to share it with you.

As written on her personal website:

      Kimberly Hartman started out deep in the heart of Texas and has most recently been spotted deep in the jungles of South East Asia. Her career has been all about the fashion and she could totally name drop about it, but anyone who knows her knows she’s really all about that Texas heart.
So when the Los Angeles, New York, Paris fashion commute hit burn out proportions and Kimberly needed to recharge her batteries doing what she loves best, she grabbed her passport and headed off for parts not-that-well-known to get together with friends she hadn’t met yet.
     It was when she was standing in a rural village in Laos watching the women dye and weave these truly remarkable textiles, it all came together for her, the love of travel, the love of fashion and the love of people. She realized she could do everything she loved and in the process, help these women by buying their textiles directly from them for a fair price. And then help other women by hiring them at a fair wage to sew these handmade textiles into some really fierce bags, which in turn helps women with boring handbags everywhere.
      A little bit beach-y, a little bit bohemian jet set, and 100 percent natural and ethical, JADEtribe is the true embodiment of fashion with a conscience. Whether it’s the handbag repurposed from hand embroidered baby carrier cloths, the hand braided jewelry that jingles or the organically dyed, hand loomed textiles, each element of JADEtribe carries a piece of Kimberly’s heart and the hearts of the women whose lives have improved by making it.

This is the type of company we love here at Arcadia! Come in an check out the items we have in store. I am sure you will fall in love as well  :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet Natasha :)

Name? Natasha Imani Rojas

Neighborhood in which you reside? West Philadelphia - University City

Favorite Philly restaurant? I have not gotten the chance to experience many restaurants in Philly yet unfortunately! Although, I have to say that MexiCali has fabulous burritos.

Most memorable fashion faux pas? For at least 3 years during my childhood my mother let me wear all white faux leather go-go boots everywhere that I went. We must have bought 8 pairs to keep up my little trademark!

Favorite line at Arcadia and why? MinkPink. I love the colorful prints and casual shapes that we have in for the spring ! I also love the elegantly structured dresses that Frock! by Tracy Reese has to offer.

Current song on repeat? Frank Ocean - Strawberry Swing. It's so sweetly nostalgic.

Favorite ice cream flavor? I love Cake Batter ice cream from Coldstone. It may be the death of me.

Favorite YouTube clip? 1. Edward Sharpe's "Home" acoustic cover by father and daughter team Jorge & Alexa Narvaez 2. Bizkit the Sleepwalking Dog

Favorite artist? I could listen to John Legend all day every day ! I'm really into Adele currently.

Guilty pleasure? making lists.

Favorite way to spend your days off from Arcadia? sleeping. absolutely. oh! & watching tooo much netflix

Favorite beer? root beer...! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring BBQ and Trunkshows-->Today!

Come out to Arcadia NoLibs today and hang out with us while muching on some grilled food, sipping on some drinks and checking out our awesome spring merchandise and trunkshows featuring women's wearable art by mother/daughter duo from San Francisisco--> Rebe and local Philly jewelry designs by Chelsea Pearce of Canoe Crafts!

We will also be offering an additional 25% off all sale merchandise!

Stop by and celebrate spring with us!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Award Winning Zahav

Did you hear the news? Our very own Philadelphia chef, Michael Solomonov, won a James Beard award for best chef in the mid-atlantic region.

Opened in May 2008, Zahav is a modern Israeli restaurant that brings flavors of Israel's culinary heritage to Philadelphia.

Zahav is located at 237 St. James Place on the grounds of the Society Hills Towers. Be sure to check it out!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet Caren :)

Name? Caren Strauss-Schulson

Neighborhood in which you reside? Center City

Favorite Philly restaurant? This is a hard one because I LOVE food. Ekta for Indian, Fat Salmon for sushi, Bitars for falafel, and Village Whiskey for burgers (or Elevation Burger if I'm in the burbs).
Most memorable fashion faux pas? Wearing green high top Dr. Martens with everything. Including jeans, skirts, dresses, and plaid pajama pants.
Favorite line at Arcadia and why? I love the jewelry by Iosselliani and Concrete Polish.  For clothing I would say Margarita Saplala. Her prints are bold and beautiful. The lightweight airyness of her garments make them so easy to wear.

Current song on repeat? This may make me a huge dork... but I love the Warblers Glee Album 

Favorite ice cream flavor? Haagen Dazs Five Chocolate
Favorite YouTube clip?  Sneezing Panda
Favorite artist? I love Amy Ross. Her images of animals morphing with nature are light and beautiful with a somewhat disturbing mad scientist twist. I also like local artists Kris Chau and James Ulmer.
Guilty pleasure? Watching every show on Bravo...

Favorite way to spend your days off from Arcadia? I sell vintage clothing and accessories on Etsy. I spend my days thrift shopping and posting items to my shop. Check it out!
Favorite beer? I love a dirty hoe--> it's half Lambic Framboise, half Hoegaarden.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Invisible Artist

Chinese artist Liu Bolin uses his body as a canvas.  He paints himself to look invisible when set upon natural settings, such as gardens and archtecture.  His intricate body-art blends him into the background, so look closely!  A few times I had to do a double-take, he was camoflauged so well. 

All images via