Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet Mallory :)

Name? Mallory Anita Lawson
Neighborhood in which you reside? Fishtown!
Favorite Philly restaurant? No surprise here- Honey’s Sit n Eat. I know this is an obvious choice but I seriously LOVE the menu. Being a vegetarian, I have limited choices while dining out.  But Honey’s has sooo much to offer! They completely satisfy all of my Southern Comfort food cravings- vegetarian biscuits & gravy, veggie chicken fried steak, mac n cheese, green bean casserole, fried green tomatoes… oh my god… I think I need to go tonight.
Most memorable fashion faux pas? Basically anything I wore or did to my hair in high school. The combination of my love for fishnet stockings, high top orange chucks, checkered slip on vans, (bad) band tee shirts, denim skirts,  tacky costume jewelry and multi- colored hair was enough for my mom to constantly remind me that “You know Mal, Halloween was a few months ago.” – On a daily basis. Just ask for a picture, there are plenty.
Favorite line at Arcadia and why? I love She Bible! Most of their pieces are “basics” but their cuts and designs are so unique and quirky, and not to mention flattering. I also love Kelly Lane; her Cavern Collection last fall was incredible. My Cavern coat is one of my most favorite pieces in my closet. When we talked at her last Trunk Show she mentioned her next collection is “cosmos” themed- absolutely can’t wait to see it!
Current song on repeat? So many! I was just recently introduced to The Halo Benders, a Built to Spill side project. Their song Virginia Reel Around The Fountain has been on repeat for the past month. I love the sound of Calvin Johnson’s voice juxtaposed with that of Doug Martsch- so killer!
Favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip
Favorite YouTube clip? Gumby Banging Horses
Favorite artist? This is a really hard question because it is always changing for me. Elizabeth Murray’s constructed paintings were really influential for me. She will always be extremely important to me, as will Judy Pfaff, Frank Stella, Al Held, Julie Mehretu, Franz Ackermann, Maya Hayuk, etc, etc, ( I could keep going forever). RIGHT NOW, I can really relate to Nicola Lopez, both conceptually and visually. I feel like we are both interested in a lot the same issues and we both have a similar way of conveying the ideas of urban landscapes, maps, transit, sprawl, etc.
Guilty pleasure? Sleeping in and online shopping :/
Favorite way to spend your days off from Arcadia? PAINTING, printmaking, building, getting dirty and hanging out with my puppy dawg, Mollie.
Favorite beer? Another hard question, I really love beer, but I would have to say Philadelphia Brewing Company’s Joe Porter-I love supporting local businesses and I’m sucker for anything with coffee flavoring!

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