Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Livia Firth Wears Organic Silk Gown by Stella McCartney

images via ecouterre

Our leading eco-chic lady, Livia Firth is at it again! She looks stunning at the Met Ball in a Stella McCartney "jumpsuit-gown" made from handspun organic silk, abaca (Manilla hemp) and reclaimed vintage beads. On her blog Firth writes, "I really loved that (McCartney) was so thorough about the fabric: considering the processing and finishing of the fibre and the effect that it would have on the environment. She went for a polished clean look without compromising on these principles." I've said it before but c'mon, why don't other women (and men!) in the public eye make more of an effort to wear sustainable fashion? Hopefully upon seeing Stella McCartney's gown more people will be influenced to make the conscious decision to buy and wear sustainable fashion. In the meantime, I can't wait to see the next sustainably designed garment Livia chooses to wear!


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