Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We have welcomed a new designer to the boutique this week: JADEtribe! These bags are truly special. The only thing cooler than the items themselves is the story behind them. I was so taken by the concept of her company that I had to share it with you.

As written on her personal website:

      Kimberly Hartman started out deep in the heart of Texas and has most recently been spotted deep in the jungles of South East Asia. Her career has been all about the fashion and she could totally name drop about it, but anyone who knows her knows she’s really all about that Texas heart.
So when the Los Angeles, New York, Paris fashion commute hit burn out proportions and Kimberly needed to recharge her batteries doing what she loves best, she grabbed her passport and headed off for parts not-that-well-known to get together with friends she hadn’t met yet.
     It was when she was standing in a rural village in Laos watching the women dye and weave these truly remarkable textiles, it all came together for her, the love of travel, the love of fashion and the love of people. She realized she could do everything she loved and in the process, help these women by buying their textiles directly from them for a fair price. And then help other women by hiring them at a fair wage to sew these handmade textiles into some really fierce bags, which in turn helps women with boring handbags everywhere.
      A little bit beach-y, a little bit bohemian jet set, and 100 percent natural and ethical, JADEtribe is the true embodiment of fashion with a conscience. Whether it’s the handbag repurposed from hand embroidered baby carrier cloths, the hand braided jewelry that jingles or the organically dyed, hand loomed textiles, each element of JADEtribe carries a piece of Kimberly’s heart and the hearts of the women whose lives have improved by making it.

This is the type of company we love here at Arcadia! Come in an check out the items we have in store. I am sure you will fall in love as well  :)

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