Friday, April 29, 2011

Meet Ali :)

Ali and Finn :)
Name? Ali McCloud 
Neighborhood in which you reside? Narberth

Favorite Philly restaurant? I love James, Village Whiskey, The Abbaye and Café Estelle for brunch
Most memorable fashion faux pas? Leaving my house at least 3 times last year with baby food finger prints on my back.
Favorite line at Arcadia and why? This is tough – I love everything we pick for the shop. My newest favorite is Rodebjer – I just love their timeless, classy approach to current trends. Feral Childe & Kelly Lane are always at the top of my list for their great fit and original prints.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Coffee & whatever the plain yogurt is at Yogorino
Favorite YouTube clip? I have to say I don’t really watch YouTube much – does this mean I’m really old?
Favorite artist? Oh so many I love…well, I love all the artists we’ve shown at Arcadia – we’ve had some amazing work from local artists like Margaux & Walter Kent, Katherine Fraser, Zachariah Ohora, Leah MacDonald, Gretchen Diehl and more! Others that are coming to mind, Lauren Lyons, Joseph Walsh, Kris Lewis, Elbow-Toe, and I’ve always loved Maxfield Parish. Yes, my taste in art is all over the map!
Guilty pleasure? Insanely good French Fries, lazy mornings on my front porch with too much coffee
Favorite way to spend your days off from Arcadia? Hanging out with my son, Finn! And, my hubby & 2 super cute bulldogs can hang out with us too!
Favorite beer? I’m kind of a bourbon or dark rum girl these days, but I love IPA’s, a Sapporo with sushi, and Rodenbach has always been a favorite.

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