Friday, April 15, 2011

Arcadia Boutique at The Green Carpet Event

A few weeks ago the Junior League of Philadelphia put on a marvelous show at the Piazza. The Green Carpet Event was to help fund their current undertaking: Project Green: Using Nature to Nurture, a program that will encourage outdoor recreation and healthy nutrition in the surrounding areas. They will be creating gardens at public schools, starting science programs, and bringing the community together to be better stewards of Philadelphia. I think what they are doing is awesome! Naturally, Arcadia was happy to donate looks to help sponsor their fundraiser and their green endeavor.

Here are a few shots of the Arcadia looks as they came down the runway on the Junior Leaguer models....

Jane Oh  - Silk Bubble Dress 

Lauren Moffatt - Pont Neuf Sunset Pintuck Top & James Jeans - Twiggy in Black

Feral Childe - Loopy Dress

Kelly Lane - Chrysalis Dress

Lauren Moffatt - Tourist at the Tower Crochet Dress

Margarita Saplala - Paradise Dress

Mink Pink - Layer Cake Top & Prairie Underground - Denim Girdle

Original Penguin - Hooded Zip Up Kangaroo

Anything catch your eye? Come in and try on some of the looks that were featured at the fashion show or some of the fabulous new items we just got in for Spring !

-natasha :) 

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