Sunday, April 3, 2011

Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with a regular customer at the Rittenhouse store, Debbie, and got to hear all about her hand in helping set up the Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Being that I live so close to the museum, I should be taking advantage of it's proximity (as well as my student discount) while I still can. After chatting with Debbie and looking up pictures from the exhibit I will definitely be heading over to the museum as soon as I get the chance. Capucci's gowns are so beautiful and lively, the perfect combination to wake us all from the cold winter slump we've been in the past few months. Enjoy some images of my favorite pieces from the collection and be sure to check out the exhibit!

'Bougainvillea', 1989

'Arancia Sculpture Dress', Fall/Winter 1989

'Crepe', 2007

'Sculpture Dress', 1992
'Sculpture Dress', 1987

'Sculpture Dress', 1992

 'Nove Gonne', 1956
 images via elogedelart & stylishthought

 Exhibit runs until June 5, don't sleep on it!


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