Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Rainy Saturday Night In!

A dreary day is never a bad thing! I just completed my sophomore year at Temple and finished moving all my things home, a relaxing day like today was just what I needed! Being in the suburbs, all the green of nature pops, with the light raindrops on all the flowers, and the sound of the pidder-padder against the drain pipes are all so soothing. As dinner time rolled around no one felt like running out to the market in the dreary weather! Look around your kitchen, you would be surprised as to what you can whip up, even with the thought of "wow, we have nothing in this house!" Looking through our cabinets and fridge I made tuna melts with a side of broccoli! The baguette was in our freezer from from small French Pastry shop in my hometown, Le Petit Mitron, definitely check it out if you are ever in the neighborhood! Tuna is always a go to for me, especially this time of year.  Turn on some of your favorite tunes,  open a bottle of wine, dance around and enjoy making a delicious simple dinner with friends and family!

Heres how I made it:

1 tin of tuna
2 pieces of celery
(dice up red onions to add some extra crunch)
add a little love with a few spoonful of mayo
spice it up with a spoonful of  dijon mustard
and finally a dash of pepper and mix it all up

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
slice up a baguette and place a spoonful of tuna on each slice of bread
place in the oven until cheese melts!

For the broccoli I just boiled it until it almost melted in my mouth!

Tie it all together with a glass of your favorite wine, beer, or for me I just had some sparkling Sanpellegrino Limonata, one of my favorite drinks of summertime! Enjoy it around the kitchen table, on the patio, or with a great movie! I shared it with my mom and grandmom watching a comical old movie, The Pink Panther! Here is one of my favorite scenes!

Bon Appetit!

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