Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY: Endless Summer Dress

A perfect dress for hot a summer day  like today! Here in Arcadia one of my favorite styled dress is one by Dolce Vita. It is a Tinsel Dress. It is great for the hot weather.It does not grab your body and flows a little when you walk! It
can take you a million places. From a
date, a wedding, the beach, a graduation,
and the list goes on. I found a way that you can make them yourself, and
 am so excited to try it out! The one we carry is on the dressy side, but the DIY is made from a t-shirt!! You could use it as a cover up, or something to throw on to meet someone for coffee or lunch!

 DIY: You will need two t-shirts. Use solid colors or patterned ones if you want to add some design!
You will also need a pair of scissors, pins, needle, and thread.

1. Cut straight across one of the t-shirts getting rid of the sleeves and the excess material.
2. Cut a little more off if  you would like to make it shorter, style the length the way that suites you best!
3. Sew and gather the fabric together to create a flowiness of the dress.
4. Take the uncut t-shirt and sew the "skirt" to the inside of the t-shirt to make it look flawless!

I am going to try making one this weekend and post pictures to let you know how it turned out! I can not wait to start this project!! After a trial run I hope maybe to even make one out of one of my favorite t-shirts or even a vintage concert t-shirts to wear to one of their concerts in the future!

Here is a visual that I found! It will help to get a better idea! If you try it let us know and good luck!


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