Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just the Beginning..

The Black Friday shoppers have come and gone; racing through malls, snatching up deals, and checking names off of their scribbled lists. As the dust settles in all the retail stores throughout the nation, bells begin to clang reminding everyone that the holiday season is upon us yet again. Radio stations are playing Christmas music, fake snow is showing up in window displays, and the chilly weather is reminding us just how much we love hot cocoa by the fireplace. Whether you're a holiday fanatic or a grumpy Scrooge this time of year, we have some tips to help you get through the end of 2013 and start 2014 rather pleasantly.

1. Cherish time with family & friends
     During the year we all get so caught up with our own lives that we sometimes forget about the people who love us most. This time of year is perfect for putting aside our differences and enjoying the holidays.

2. Enjoy the food but don't go overboard
    Holiday parties, family dinners, office celebrations, and seasonal specials at your favorite bakery can take a toll on your mood, not to mention your waistline. Self control and willpower is key around Christmas cookies and apple cider. Limit yourself and you won't feel guilty.

3. Relax!
   The holidays can be stressful but there's no reason to get your pantyhose in a knot over the wrong pie or mismatched gift wrap. Do your best to let the small things go and focus on enjoying the most wonderful time of year.

The holidays will come and go as fast as those Black Friday shoppers so make the most of them before they fly past.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Hanukkah, a lovely Christmas, a fantastic Kwanzaa, and a phenomenal New Year!

-The Arcadia Team

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