Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not to brag....

But we've got a pretty KILLER jewelry selection right now!

New designs from Swallow, Iosselliani, Canoe Crafts, Helveta Vyotlag, Erica Weiner, Jan Michaels, Sultana and more!

There is no easier way to update your wardrobe than buying a fantastic new piece of jewelry. Stop by either location to browse our absolutely fabulous selections!

New Swallow and Iosselliani

Awesome necklace selection

Canoe Craft Pendants

Swallow Keys, Jan Michaels rings, Monserat de Lucca Box cutter bracelet and game ring

Jan Michaels Rings

Canoe Craft Pendants and Erica Weiner Vial Necklaces

Geode Rings

Canoe Craft Pendants and Wrap Necklaces
I've got my eye on a Jan Michaels Ring, stop by Arcadia this weekend and see what you'll fall in love with!


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