Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pimp my Peanut

The Nutmobile, a peanut-shaped traveling ambassador for Planters, has gone green and set sail on a 16 city tour to inspire communities and push consumers to rethink energy consumption. The new and improved Nutmobile is decked out with environmentally conscious materials such as low energy LED interior lighting, recycled glass windshield and windows, non-toxic vinyl graphics and epoxy decorations, and flooring made of reclaimed wood from a 19th century Pennsylvania barn. Fueled by biodiesel, this proficient peanut is also equipped with solar panels and a wind turbine to provide energy that will power itself during tour stops.

image via Planters

We here applaud Planters for practicing what they preach - by continually implementing sustainable practices on their farms, in their processing facilities and in their packaging and shipping materials.

And did you know peanuts do their own part to give back to the planet? They enrich the soil with nitrogen as they grow, significantly reducing the need for fertilizer for other crops planted in the same plot.

So Nutty,

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