Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Judegement Day: The Philly Skyline

You know how we get stuck in the same routines, and walk the same blocks, day in and day out?  And we be come desensitized, as nothing is ever new.  Well, Portland photographer Brad Maule spent a week in Philly taking pictures of the city from a different point of view - a non-native view.  After living in Philly for the last four years, these pictures definitely showed me a different view of the city, expecially since most are areas I walk by every day.   Take a look at some of my favorite images (often just from the other side of the black!), and then check out the web page here with 180 images shot by Maule.

Also, big thanks to Philebrity for blogging about Maule and in turn, sharing it with us!

All images via http://mauleofamerica.com/philly2011

lol cat

The view from my 'hood, and yet, I've never seen it like this!

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