Friday, March 23, 2012

Liberty Lands Park

My favorite thing to do when it starts to get nice out is hang out in the park. It has been packed lately with picnic parties, little kids on the playground, and amazing dogs running around! I even saw a guy set up a hammock in between two trees. They have a new fire pit that was just built. I'm hoping they have a bonfire soon!
926 N American St Philadelphia

Get your grill on! Feast in the park last summer..... ribs and shrimp kabobs!

They have great events! The Chili Cook off was so much fun, I hope they do it again this year!

This warm weather has me craving yummy fruit drinks

Beautiful white horse I saw in the park last summer

This warm weather is a great excuse to buy some new clothes! Come visit us at Arcadia and spruce up your spring wardrobe! xoxo Betsy

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