Monday, March 12, 2012

Northern Liberties lunch & brunch favorites :)

Cafe la Maude

                                                            816 N 4th St  Philadelphia, PA 19123

Yummy Omelet!!

My Favorite -
De Maison ……….. $10.50
Romaine lettuce, chopped vegetables, feta cheese, olives and marinated chicken topped with hummus and tossed with house dressing

Palm Tree Market 
                                                                     717 N. 2nd St
                                                              Philadelphia, PA 19123

My go to lunch place! Amazing Sandwiches :) Its fun to get caught up on the fashion and gossip mags!
Soy Cafe 
                                                      630 N 2nd St, Philadelphia 19123

Vegan Cheese steak

They have the best wrap sandwiches! My favorite is the Turkey and Avocado :)  
                favorite smoothie - Funky Monkey banana, peanut, butter, oatmeal, soymilk, honey

Peanut butter and banana!

Cafe Estelle 
                                                                444 N 4th Street BYOB
Favorite Pancakes!
Breakfast Pizza
Egg Sandwich with Arugula Salad
                               I always order the quiche special! It never lets me down :)

Green Eggs Cafe
                                                             719 North 2nd Street BYOB

The lox are very good! I love how they put the salmon in the shape of a rose.   
Creme Brulee French Toast
               They have a great Chicken Cutlet sandwich for lunch and great potato salad!

                      Okay now I'm really starting to get hungry.... enjoy! xoxox Betsy

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