Monday, November 5, 2012

Get Out and VOTE!

No matter what you believe in, or which candidate you support--it's your right as an American to participate in the democratic process and VOTE! 

Still having trouble deciding on who you're going to cast your ballot for on Tuesday? It's never been easier to educate yourself on the candidates and their positions on important issues! Just visit this super simple (bias-free) website, answer some questions, and it matches you up with the candidate that would be the best fit for you--and provides you with the facts!

Already know who you want to vote for but you're not sure where to go Tuesday? No worries, check out this website--it will provide all the answers to your Election Day questions!

So be sure to get out there this Tuesday and vote--and maybe after, stop by Arcadia and treat yourself to a little something special--celebrate the end of those annoying television ads!

See you at the polls!


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