Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pearl in Crown Jewelry!

Pearl in Crown is an eclectic jewelry and prop-accessories line based out of Philadelphia. Ella Kolanowska, the designer behind the label, is a Polish-born artist who is dedicated to bringing fashionable, fun designs to all of her customers. Ella creates her one-of-a-kind designs through knitted and crocheted techniques and adds in a wide range of materials, including stones, pearls, and chains. The designer combines hard and soft, natural and artificial, and new and vintage elements in her work which results in a harmonious bond between casual and avant-garde.

You can see Ella and her Pearl in Crown pieces at the 2012 RAWards Philadelphia fashion event on November 15th at G Lounge. For more information on RAWards Philadelphia and other competing semi-finalists, visit the event website below:

Happy Saturday!

xo Alex

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