Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Light Refreshment Never Tasted So Good!

In the summertime there is nothing more delicious than a sweet cold treat! This summer, I recently discovered the Lil' Pop Shop while wondering around South Street in Philly. I am always drawn towards froyo places, but gourmet popsicles seem to be the new thing!

Lil' Pop shop creates mouth watering treats with fresh, local, and delicious ingredients. the hand-crafted pops  are made according to the array of seasonal fruits, herbs, spices available at the time! 

The shops are located at 265 S. 44th St., West Philly, 534 4th Street, or there is also a truck taking stops around the city! Be sure to check them out and the delicious flavors! 

                                                            Stay Cool! 

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