Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stephen Starr comes to Fishtown?

Site of Stephen Starr's new beer garden

We first heard that Stephen Starr was planning to open a German style beer garden in Fishtown a little over a year ago, but now the rumor has been resurrected. says that the unnammed restaurant is set to open this summer. states that Starr hopes to open a 10,000-square foot, mostly outdoor beer garden  at 1210 Frankford Avenue in Fishtown, near Johnny Brenda's Tavern, this summer.

“The emphasis is absolutely on beer, in the spirit of German and Austrian beer gardens,” Starr said in a phone interview Monday afternoon.  The menu isn't set yet, he said, but the food will be “consistent with that concept,” although there may be a few lighter, healthier options, as well.

When asked why create a beer-focused venue, Starr said, “I'm always looking for something new to do. I get bored with myself.” Starr admits that while he has a cold one now and again, he's not even that into beer.  “I'm a wine guy,” he said. “Or, if I want a real drink, I have a martini.”

Why plop it down in Fishtown? Starr thinks it's an up-and-coming place.  “It has a nice scale to it. It is a true community,” he said. “Fishtown feels right. I can't put my finger on it – I just felt it.”

So what do you think about Philadelphia restaurateur, Stephen Starr moving into the Northern Liberties/Fishtown area?

Personally, the independent, local community aspect of these neighborhoods is what I love about them. I'm interested to see how Stephen Starr's beer garden stands up to some of my favorite local restaurants- The Abbaye, Johnny Brenda's, Kraftwork, etc. I have no doubt that it will be beautiful restaurant, meticulously designed and decorated...  but is anyone is Fishtown going to pay $5 for a bottle of Kenzinger?


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