Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Time!

So lately I've been really craving some DIY time and I've been looking all over the web to find some sweet ways to revamp my old clothing or give some of my plainer articles of clothing a little more jazz. Here's some of the projects that caught my eye.

Studded collar 

A simple project with eye-catching results. This is definitely the first project on my DIY list! You can take any plain button down collared shirt and instantly give it an edgy yet still feminine vibe.

Follow this link to create the studded collar:

Mod Dress
The Mod Dress demands a little bit more skill along with it being more time consuming however, the final product (as seen above) is absolutely adorable! The dress is made out of four non-fitted t-shirts so not only is it super chic but it's also super comfortable.

Lace embellished cut off shorts

These lace embellished shorts are so pretty! I've seen many tutorials online involving inserting lace and dollie inserts. They add a unique flare to ordinary cut-offs.

DIY time is in session!


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