Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things I love.....

Paintbrush Summer Cotton Dress by Lauren Moffatt

A great big walk in closet! In my dreams....

Date nights with my Hubby :)

Lobster is my favorite Food! Did you know An estimated one in 2 million lobsters are blue?

Beach Days preferably in Kennebunkport ME, but the Jersey Shore always does the trick! 
My adorable puppy Lyla... she is officially the HBIC now. How can u say no to that face?
Bright Yellow Swedish Hasbeen Sandals I will daydream about until they are mine.....
 The silhouette of this Greylin Dress looks great on everyone. It looks fantastic dressed up or down!
A Mojito always hits the spot this time of year!!
I'm in the shopping mood today... who else is with me? xoxo Betsy

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