Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Betsy!

15 Things you don't know about me!
1.I Said YES to the first wedding dress I tried on at Kleinfelds
2. I've never liked cartoons... even as a little kid
3. My parents have worked together for over 30 years
4. I have extreme facial recognition (I never forget a face!)
5. I was scared to leave Boston, but I'm very happy I moved to Philly
6. I'm a foodie! Favorite Restaurants Sonata & Popolino
7. I met my husband at Grateful Dead music festival 
8. My Shiba Inu Lyla is named after Lyla Gerrity from Friday Night Lights 
9. I stayed in a haunted castle in Ireland on my 13th Birthday 
10. I hate watching sports on tv, but I love going to live games 
11. My celeb lookalike is the girlfriend from Karate Kid Elizabeth Shue 
12. I have an extremely funny brother named Ben
13. My Mom and I have the smallest hands ever! haha 
14. Arcadia Boutique is the best retail job I've ever had
15. My favorite place in the world is my Grandmothers house on the beach in Kennebunkport ME

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