Thursday, January 10, 2013

Honey Buns

Ask anyone who knows me, my hair has never been easy to deal with. I was never lucky enough to be one of those wash-and-go girls (it's more like wash-and-condition-and-add a billion products-and-blow dry-and-flat iron), so this morning after I took my first fitness class at Lithe Method (helloooo 8:30 AM)--I knew I'd have very little time and energy for my hair. I've always envied those girls who could throw their hair into a top knot or bun and have it look effortless and chic all at once. I can manage my usual hair routine, but hairstylist I am not. So I learned to cheat at it with the help of my Bun Ring--I purchased my new life & time saver at Urban Outfitters, but Conair sells a version of it as well. Just wrap hair and pin--so easy, even I can do it!

Messy or neat, this classic style is perfect for any occasion!

xx Arielle

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