Wednesday, January 18, 2012

James Jeans Couture Straights

After months of waiting, our newest addition to our denim department has arrived!  Behold, the James Jeans Couture Collection, formulated by special denim-scientists to enhance fit  perfectly. What makes these jeans so spectacular? 
  • Contoured waistband lays against your waist to smooth and shape and leaves no room for gaps between you and your jeans (peace-out peek-a-boo panties!)
  • Trimmed inner thigh combined with specially constructed power denim suctions thighs
  • Gentle inner lining and lifted behind helps mold your booty into it's perfect version
  •  Uniquely angled belt loops
It may seem unthinkable, but I've tried these jeans on, and they really do work wonders. My thighs were thinner (and they weren't touching!), my butt looked better and higher.  I've never seen anything like this before, and I must get a pair for myself!

Couture Straight in Vesper Wash $196
Couture Straight in Vesper Wash $196

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