Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wood you?

It's ironic, with the world being so technologically advanced, there are so many artists that incorporate wood into their products (kind of seems like an oxymoron...).  I'm always so taken back when I see a cool accessory I imagined was only capable of being made in plastic, but in wood form.  Check out these cool and environmentally friendly electronics!

Miniot iPhone4S case, made in Holland (with racing stripes!) 

AlestRukov computer mice, made with the  intention to create the best ecologically sustainable design. AlestRukov mouse body is safe for the environment in manufacture, use, and utilization

"AlestRukov computer mice are eco-friendly alternative to harmful plastic gadgets polluting our world. The idea behind the product is to get the maximum out of natural materials"

While companies were constantly working to make cheaper sound, Vers Audio worked to make better sound, and they’re making it with the most renewable products on the planet: wood and bamboo.  More info here
"This speaker is made from bamboo called the Japanese SuSu bamboo, it is a special type of bamboo which is smoked and aged for close to 100 years. The speakers utilize the resonance of bamboo. No power source needed" More info here

Pretty cool!  Any more natural electronics you know about?  Comment and tell us about them!


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