Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bodega Boston

Going to the Bodega store in Boston was one of the most memorable shopping experiences I've ever had.  I first heard about it 7 years ago when I was living in Boston and was completely obsessed with urban clothing.  It looked like an old convenient store from the outside with no sign which made it very hard to find. These days they have a line out the door on the weekends and it gets very crowded. I'm glad I got to enjoy the true Bodega experience before it was all over the internet! It is worth checking out if you are shopping in the Boston area anytime soon :)
Bodega Store Front! 6 Clearway St
Boston, MA 02115
Once you walk through the tiny bodega  Snapple Machine Doors fly open to this!
One of my favorite Bodega purchases from back in the day! This long Adidas jacket is still in pretty good shape.
xoxo Betsy

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