Sunday, October 20, 2013

Alternative Mindset, Alternative Apparel

Today, "social responsibility" seems to be the hottest phrase in retail marketing. We've all heard about companies (Nike anyone?) who are infamous for unreasonably low wages, awful working conditions, and practically no benefits for their laborers in overseas sweatshops. Not to put a damper on this beautiful fall day, but we're all aware of the treatment and inequality of workers in countless countries around the world. Although, here's where the positive spin comes in! Companies like Alternative Apparel revive our faith in humanity. On their website, Alternative Apparel explains what they stand for and how they function. They clearly state that they are dedicated to providing premium merchandise to their clients, however, refuse to sacrifice working conditions of their faithful employees. They are committed to upholding labor standards and choose to partner only with vendors who share the same values. On their website you can find a long list of Vendor Guidelines & Principles along with a promise to remain eco-friendly through specific wash & dye methods as well as organic fabrics and materials. Besides for their ultimate social awareness and commitment to bettering our environment, Alternative Apparel has among the softest garments ever! So we feel good buying them, feel good wearing them, and feel good representing the brand? Yup, pretty much. We tip our hats to you, Alternative Apparel, and join you in the pledge to make this world a better place, one trendy outfit at a time.

"Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations."        -Earl Nightingale

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