Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Name That Organization!

Here at Arcadia we like to have fun, that's why we created a new blog segment called Name That Organization! Every month we will be featuring a different organization dedicated to helping make their community a better place. Maybe we'll inspire you, who knows? 
There's going to be a short quiz followed by a brief description of the particular organization and why we love them!

Name That Organization!  
October edition 
     1. What organization started in 1995 as a grassroots company run solely by volunteers and quickly grew into the nation's largest community-based organization?
a. Women in Need
b. Boys & Girls club
c. Career Wardrobe
d. Habitat for Humanity

     2. What organization was started by a group of Philadelphia women looking to make a positive difference in the lives of other women entering the workplace?

a. Center for Economic and Workforce Development
b. Career Wardrobe
c. Street Project
d. Women in Need

     3. What organization makes its mission to empower women in transition by providing programs that inspire the confidence necessary to achieve self-sufficiency and pursue a productive career?
Note: This organization has helped nearly 75,000 women!

a. Heart of America Foundations
b. Women in Need
c. Ronald McDonald House
d. Career Wardrobe

 ..So did you figure it out yet? The answer to all of the above is Career Wardrobe! Besides for all of the facts above, Career Wardrobe provides professional work attire, networking tools, and various opportunities to women in the the community looking to transition into the workforce. The wide array of programs offered are designed to increase levels of self-confidence, professionalism, and preparedness for work. Each appointment is used as an opportunity to educate women about the importance of professional appearance, personal responsibility, and business etiquette. To top it all off, Career Wardrobe is having its 3rd Annual Tea & Fashion Show this Sunday November 3rd at the Bellevue. The annual event welcomes women from all generations to support Career Wardrobe while enjoying an afternoon including tea and a designer fashion show. Arcadia will be participating in the fashion show and we wanted to show you a sneak peek of some of the looks to be featured at the show. Above are two lovely models transitioned into the workforce with the help of Career Boutique. Come see Isis, Mel, and more great looks while celebrating for a wonderful cause. 

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    1. Thanks for the clever shout out and your support! Can't wait to see your fashions on Sunday!