Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Happy Hour

What do you do when the magic of Halloween has faded away? Those days when you ran back from school, put on your brand new costume, lugged a pillowcase full of candy through the streets of your neighborhood, and spent the rest of the night marveling in the beauty of all your treats sitting in one big pile? Yeah, they're all gone now. And honestly, most of us have long lost the desire to eat our weight in candy. Some for health reasons, others for aesthetics. Regardless, Halloween remains to be one of the biggest holidays in America, it's practically impossible to miss. Stores overflow with candy aisles and costumes while your extremely spirited (and sometimes crazy) neighbors set up a graveyard right on their front lawn. It's all so redundant, is Halloween overrated? Well, it doesn't have to be. Now you're older, more sophisticated, and hopefully realize there are more exciting holidays on the calendar. Nevertheless, Halloween is among us and I've compiled a cool list of things you can do to celebrate the end of fall while still maintaining a touch of spirit.

Fondue is always a good idea, especially in this festive pumpkin bowl

 Syringe shots make everything fun

 Invite friends and throw back with some Pumpkin Ale

The more spirit the better (please tell me you got that)

Whether out collecting candy or inside getting reasonably tipsy off of syringe shots and pumpkin beer, I hope you enjoy your Halloween however you choose to spend it.

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