Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Inspiration Station: Rock Chic Edition

In need of some quality fashion inspiration? Look no further.

Welcome to our new blog segment called Inspiration Station. Every other week, one of us will be putting together an outfit from the store and providing you with that much needed inspiration for the upcoming week. This week we're focusing on Rock Chic. Living in Philadelphia, there are always concerts and events going on around the city. As a music lover, you'll need just the right outfit for that upcoming concert because nobody wants to look like a tourist in their own town. Here we have an Alternative Apparel semi-faded tee perfect for not looking too garish. Paired with some dark wash jeans, you'll get that laid back concert connoisseur vibe going. Flats are always a good idea for concerts because odds are you won't be sitting in your seat for very long. Also, a lot of concerts don't even have seating, all the more reason to wear flats! This pair of blush Dolce Vitas with a metal tip will keep your toes from getting stepped on all night. Since it's nearing November the weather is inevitably cooling down. No more tanks & shorts like you may have worn to Made in America at the end of August. This cute yet functional BB Dakota jacket has just the right amount of studs to add a bit of an edge to your casual style. Much like the studs on your jacket, you'll have studs on your wrist with some cool bracelets we paired up. In order to avoid going overboard on studs, keep it to a minimum with one or two statement pieces. Adding some hardware jewelry will make you blend right in; a key necklace, a crystal on a chain, and a coin ring will do the job. Once again, its chilly so this braided scarf is perfect for staying warm, especially at an outdoor concert. Last but certainly not least is a trusty bag by your side for your wallet, cell phone, a bottle of water, and keys. This black leather Collina Strada purse is great since it has both magnets and a zipper. Nothing will fall out and you won't have to worry about pickpockets.

Well, that wraps up our first edition of Inspiration Station, hope your inspiration meter is satisfied. Now go throw on that VIP pass and enjoy the show!

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