Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fair Trade Fashion

Two sparks of faith in humanity in one week? It can't be. Earlier this week we blogged about Alternative Apparel & their determination to use sustainable fabrics as well as focus on good working conditions and fair trade for producers. Today, I will attempt to maintain those good vibrations by writing about Made By, an awesome company with values similar to those of Alternative Apparel. Made By is a company dedicated to practice fair trade as a strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development; they also acknowledge the virtues of Alpaca, the noble fiber, for its softness, thermal insulation, and range of natural shades. On a cold day in Philly, much like today, anyone and everyone wishes to have a pair of chunky alpaca fur gloves to keep their frozen fingers from falling off. Besides for the fingerless foldover mittens, right now at the store we have a great selection of Made By sweaters and scarves. You'll notice a similar chunky warmth throughout the various styles so you can be assured you're getting a genuine Made By piece. The cherry on top? Each tag has a picture and short bio of the person who knit it for you, now you'll know exactly who to thank for your newfound warmth on a cold winter day.

In honor of Nelida Paricahuna Pacori (pictured above), the knitter of this beautiful pair of gloves, here's a Andean Proverb:

"Llaqtakunaq atipayninwan, teqrimuyuta kuyuchisunchis."
When the villages work together, we will turn this world around

It takes more than one person to change the world, together we can make a difference.

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