Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet Becky!

Name?  Rebecca Jo Crouse is my full name but my friends call me Becky, Becks, Beckster, Beckerz ect...
Neighborhood in which you reside?  Well, I just migrated back to the east coast. I am currently living in the Manayunk neighborhood and loving it so far! I had been living out west between San Diego, Ca and Denver, Co mostly. I haven't lived back here in over 15 years. I moved back to be closer to my family. My heart has always been here. I think I'm finally putting my roots down. East coast for life!

Favorite Philly restaurant?  I'm so new here that I don;t even know what to say for this question? I haven;t explored much yet. Not even one cheese steak!! can you believe that? I need a tour guide! Someone take me out to diner:)

Most memorable fashion faux pas? Wearing my hair in a banana clip. Yikes.
Favorite line at Arcadia and why?  I love Popomomo. The construction of the clothing is very unique. Also, Dusen Dusen is really great! Her cuts resemble vintage styles which I am really partial to.
Current song on repeat?  Hmmmm, I don't have exactly one song on repeat but, I listen to several Pandora stations a lot though. Such as, Broadcast, The animals, Mazzy star, Led Zeppelin, Brand Nubian and Cut copy stations..
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Vanilla, I know, I'm boring.

Favorite YouTube clip?  hmmmm, I'm not too hip on the YouTube stuff, but I think the "Sh*t fashion girls say" videos are pretty entertaining. Sh*t Denver girls say...those are the most recent YouTube videos I've seen. Also, I tend to watch stand up comedy clips a lot. I love to laugh!  I'm always up for suggests so let me know if there is something funny I should check out...
Guilty pleasure? Forever 21 and thrift shops

Favorite artist? Kelsey Brookes

Favorite way to spend your days off from Arcadia?  Advancing with my online shop,, sewing, making jewelry, collecting vintage clothing, getting crafty any way I know how:)
Favorite beer?   Since I'm on a Cheeto budget these days, I tend to drink whatever is on special, which is usually PBR or Coors Light and that definitely is not my favorite.... I like a nice cold Tecate or if I'm going to drink a fancy micro maybe an Easy Street Wheat or Fat Tire beer will do...

Welcome, Becky! :)

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