Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet our Rittenhouse customer, Molly!

Molly is rocking the Kimono Dress by Ark & Co. & our best-selling Patchuli's by Melissa

We are so excited to introduce our readers to our fabulous customer, Molly Weingart! Molly has been a huge supporter and friend of Arcadia for quite sometime. Now that the Rittenhouse store is just a few blocks away from her apartment we are lucky enough to see her walk by daily rocking her Arcadia looks with her adorable partner in crime, her dog, Mindy Sparkles. We got the scoop on some of Molly's favorite lines, how she would describe her personal style, and which Philly DJs get her dancing.

She looked & felt so great in this outfit she had to leave with it after the shoot!

1. Name, Neighborhood in which you reside, Occupation 
Molly Weingart, Rittenhouse, Content Coordinator for Philly in Focus

This Cowl Rib Tee by Heather was one of Molly's favorite purchases from Spring 11.

2. Your first shopping experience at Arcadia? Your favorite purchase(s) made at Arcadia? Favorite line(s) at Arcadia and why?
A few years ago I went into your NoLibs store with a friend. I purchased a teal, She-Bible dress. It is a really pretty color. The cut has a nice blend of vintage lines with modern details. My favorite purchases from Arcadia have been the things I was the most hesitant to try on at first. It is a really special experience to go to a store where the staff is really nice and able to show what the potential of fashion is for one's individual style and body. Being in my late 20s, I feel like it is often hard to find clothes that are attractive and interesting, but don't make me look too old or too young. I really like Heather and eighteenth. Their clothes drape beautifully. There is an effortless sex appeal in the way these fit that I like for everyday wear. I feel great wearing them without fuss.

This Iosselliani necklace is it! Rhinestones, Gold Bones & a Crystal Jaguar Head!!!

 3. We know your best accessory is your adorable dog, Mindy Sparkle, but when she can't come out with you what is your favorite accessory that you've purchased at Arcadia?
Mindy Sparkle is really my partner in crime. I'd say she is my sidekick, but it is definitely her leading the way. My favorite accessory is definitely the Iosselliani necklace with the rhinestone jaguar. It is the perfect blend of Nicki Minaj's "Superbass" video ( with an elegance I want and need for my professional life.

This classic Curator dress (then known as She Bible) was Molly's first purchase from Arcadia! AND it still looks great, especially with her Peep Toe Slingbacks by Swedish Hasbeens!

4. Describe your personal style in 5 words.
Soft (if the fabric feels weird or itches, it is not going to happen)
Quietly sexy (Not always so quiet...)
Adorned (I don't really wear a lot of patterns, but if there is glitter or rhinestones as an option, I think it just makes things more fun)
Draped (I really like when things hang well or in a way that is unique)

Oxidized Fringe Earrings by Iosselliani have proved to be extremely wearable for Molly. Her first Iosselliani purchase... we taught her well ;)

5. We know you love to dance! What are some of your favorite places to go dancing in Philly? Why? Do you have a particular Arcadia outfit/piece that you love wear out dancing?
I do love to dance. I'd welcome some suggestions of place to check out. There are a few DJs and bands that do a great job of getting a crowd moving, like Rich Medina, Spank Rock and DJ Deejay, but it is hard to find a place where dancing isn't confused with being so crowded, you only have space to kind of move your shoulders and bob your head. Heather and any of Arcadia's cotton lines are great for dancing. They look great, don't restrict movement, and then can put in the washing machine...

Doesn't she rock?!? Molly, thanks so much for participating in our first "Meet the customer" series.
It was a blast!

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