Saturday, April 7, 2012

Music Festivals

                                                                      Grateful Fest

Nelsen Ledges Ohio July 5th-8th
This was the best festival ever! The location was absolutely beautiful :) I also met my Husband here!
They also have cliff jumping and a great little beach to hangout on!
                                                                    All Good Festival

Marvin's Mountaintop West Virginia
16th Annual July 19th - 22nd
My parents rented an RV 8 years ago and we drove from Boston to West Virginia for All Good! It was a blast!!!

                                                           Gathering of the Vibes

Seaside Park Bridgeport CT July 19-22nd  
                                                                    Camp Bisco

July 12th - 14th  Indian lookout Country Club Mariaville NY

I haven't been to this festival in a few years, but it was always a good time!! So many memories :) xoxo Betsy

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  1. Hey! I'd love to use your last picture of Camp Bisco for a website. Would it be possible to get it in HD?