Saturday, October 6, 2012

Designer to Watch: CherylAna

CherylAna organic atelier was founded by Philadelphia-born designer Cheryl Washington. Inspired by her mothers sewing as well as all things pure and natural, CherylAna designs exude beauty, style, and simplicity while keeping true to her holistic lifestyle. Cheryl's garments feature natural sustainable organic fibers, including silk wool, cotton, and hemp, and are made 100% in the USA. In an effort to find out more about the designer, I asked her a few questions about her current inspirations and about her upcoming debut in the DesignPhiladelphia fashion show:

Arcadia Boutique: What inspired your latest designs?

CherylAna: This collection - uncomplicated, modern, and upbeat - is for women who prefer not to think too hard about getting dressed but still want to look sexy, modern, and chic. CherylAna organic atelier brand designs, for the most part, knitwear and hand-loomed sweaters, because they move and give naturally with your body, and with natural fibers only, because they breathe just as your skin does. We like to refer to our brand as 'Feng Shui for the personal temple'.

Arcadia Boutique: What can we look forward to seeing in your pieces for the DesignPhiladelphia fashion show?

CherylAna: Our fall/winter 2012 collection is day-to-evening sport wear for the mindful, modern woman. Staying true to the holistic design process, the fabrics are a mix of organic wool, peace silk, and a hemp and organic cotton blend.

You can see more of CherylAna's products at her website, and look forward to seeing her latest designs at the DesignPhiladelphia fashion show on October 10th!

xo Alex

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