Friday, October 26, 2012

Meet The Designer: Dress Reform

We are lucky enough to now carry Brooklyn based designer Krystal Hoffackers line Dress Reform at both our Northern Liberties and Rittenhouse locations. Krystals collections are produced entirely In NYC and she is committed to using all Eco friendly fabrics. Krystals inspired designs have that perfect balance of comfort and unique style that we all want in our closet. Since Dress Reform is new to Arcadia and new to Philadelphia in general we decided to ask Krystal a few questions to learn more about her and her wonderful brand. 

Arcadia:  What made you decide to become a designer? 
Krystal: I will never forget sitting with my grandmother, at her industrial singer machine in the basement of her home.  She was very precise and particular and would never finish a project unless it was perfect. I was amazed by her passion and exacting hand, and practiced with her on various projects.  We never got too much into pattern making, so I went to design school and learned the skills I needed to become a designer. As I dived into creating my own brand, I learned much much more :)

Arcadia: Where do you draw most of your inspiration from when designing?
Krystal: My inspiration comes from various places,but mostly from particular personalities. Clothing and psychology are very much connected, and I believe that what you choose to wear can reflect your mood and so forth. I'm motivated by strong,creative,free spirits, but so far, when designing Dress Reform, a lot of my inspiration comes from a particular friend/muse, who loves to dress up and down, sometimes simultaneously.  I design with that in mind.  Each garment can go either way, and i strive to create timeless clothing with a touch of the androgynous, that embodies functionality, comfort, and a subtle sexiness.

Arcadia: What drew you to Eco conscious design when creating your lines?
Krystal:  Going back to my very first collection, I remember sourcing through many different fabrics, and only being drawn to the natural fibers.  I liked the neutral color palette, mostly, and their durability.  It was then an innate process after that, where I decided to only source natural and most often organic fabrics to develop my line.  Not only are natural fabrics, better for the environment because they are 100% biodegradable, so they don't deplete the earth of its natural resources, they are far more comfortable to wear than synthetics and wear in nicely with each wash. 

Arcadia: What makes Dress Reform unique and what can we expect from the line in the future?
Krystal: I will sometimes incorporate an original print into each collection, or collaborate with other artists to come up with something cool, to add texture and depth to an otherwise solid color.  For spring/summer 2013, which isn't out yet, but will be ready to show in November, we were inspired by the rust on garage doors and have an exciting all over print on bamboo/cotton jersey If anyone is interested in receiving a look book, please email:

                                                                  Mocknet Jumpsuit

                                                                Drop Shoulder Shirtdress

Come into the store to see these amazing pieces in person, they would be the perfect addition to any Fall wardrobe!

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