Sunday, October 7, 2012

Designer to Watch: Duke & Winston

'God Save the Duke'.

Duke & Winston was founded by designer Seun Olubodun in 2009. The Philadelphia-based clothing line (and limited dog line) provides casual, sustainable clothing for guys who favor substance, refinement, and practicality above the flashy styles that have flooded the men's market of recent. Inspired by the designer's upbringing in various parts of the world, Duke & Winston strives to create products that meet the expectations for quality and style that their customers have come to expect.

As a featured designer in the upcoming DesignPhiladelphia fashion show, I decided to interview the man behind Duke & Winston to find out more about the brand's unique designs:

Arcadia Boutique: From what part of the world do you draw the most inspiration?

Duke & Winston: I moved here from England when I was much younger and a lot of my graphic and brand inspiration comes from old British themes.

Arcadia Boutique: What got you interested in sustainable fashion?

Duke & Winston: My reasons are purely from a business standpoint - as a small company, I want to be aware of where all of my products are made, so it is better to keep production as close to home as possible. Not only is it easier to manage, but it saves me time to know that my printing is being done down the road and that my shirts come from a few states away.

You can check out more of Duke & Winston's products at their website, and look forward to seeing some of their fall/winter pieces at the DesignPhiladelphia fashion show on October 10th!

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